About Kahla Jas.

Hey! I’m Kahla Jas.

A millennial wife and mom of two who is learning to juggle marriage & motherhood while still embracing who she truly is. It’s not always easy being 27 and married raising a 10 & 5 year old, some days it makes me want to pull my hair out but then we have those days when the speaker is blasting in the house and we are all singing along with Drake and we are having our own concert in the living room (we tend to turn up a lot in our house LOL ).

I’m a lover of ALL things stationary, and you will usually find me scrolling down Pinterest and Instagram. I’m classy but I curse a little. My goal for this blog is to focus on family lifestyle, fashion & beauty, marriage and self-care, while being COMPLETELY transparent about my families imperfectly perfect life. So go ahead and get comfortable, grab a glass of wine as we embark on this crazy journey.

– XOXO Kahla Jas.